We try to anticipate questions you might have about your royalty interest and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


Why does my monthly payment sometimes vary?

Many factors can affect your monthly payment.  These include, but are not limited to, fluctuations in the volume of natural gas produced, production and shipment of crude oil or the lack thereof, the current market price of natural gas and crude oil, and production interruption and shut-ins. 


How is my interest in a well calculated?

Before a new well is drilled, Stalnaker Energy Corporation contracts an outside oil and gas attorney to provide a title opinion.  An examination is made of the public records from the local courthouse pertaining to the mineral and royalty ownership of each well. 


What are the Stalnaker Energy Corporation monthly payment schedules?

Stalnaker Energy Corporation receives payment for volumes produced from the natural gas and crude oil marketing companies by the 23rd of each month.  These funds are processed by SEC and distributed by the first week of the following month. 


What do I do if my address or marital status changes?

Please notify Stalnaker Energy Corporation in writing if your address changes.  Include your name, old address, new address, signature, owner number (located on your royalty check), and social security number.  Please include your telephone number in case SEC has any questions about the change.  In the event of a change of marital status, please send a copy of a marriage certificate or other documentation of name change to update your name in our records.

This information should be sent to Stalnaker Energy Corporation, attn: Division Order Department, 220 West Main Street, Glenville, West Virginia 26351.


What happens when I sell my royalty interest or acquire a royalty interest?

In order to transfer an interest, Stalnaker Energy Corporation must be supplied with a properly signed and recorded transfer document such as a deed or an assignment.  Please send this documentation to Stalnaker Energy Corporation, attn: Division Order Department, 220 West Main Street, Glenville, West Virginia  26351.


What happens when an interest owner dies?

Please notify Stalnaker Energy Corporation in writing as soon as possible upon the death of an interest owner.  Please include your telephone number on this correspondence.  Upon notification, the deceased owner's revenue will be placed in suspense until the proper heirs can be determined.  A representative of SEC will contact you regarding the required documentation needed to transfer ownership of the interest.


What does it mean to have an interest "suspended"?

For your protection, payments are not made upon notification of a title dispute, the assignment of interest, transfer of property, notice of death, or in the event of no known address.  Once all proper documentation has been received to resolve such issues, funds will be released and paid to the proper parties.


What kind of statement will I receive at the end of the year?

Stalnaker Energy Corporation sends out IRS Form 1099 to royalty interest owners receiving more than $10 in the calendar year.  1099's will be mailed from our office by January 31 of the following year.